The Afterhours Ski Trail depends on two sources of funding: One is state trail pass fees, which pay for Brule River State Forest (BRSF) staff time spent on the trail and for purchases of trail grooming equipment. The second funding source is through the Brule Valley Ski Club, which makes it possible for the BRSF staff to groom the trail to the quality standards that we Brule area skiers have come to expect.  The Brule Valley Ski Club pays for gas for the state forest to groom the trails.  In addition, we have supported projects through funding or volunteer hours in creating additional ski loops and trails, improvements to our warming hut, and in building the maintenance/storage shed for grooming equipment. We have also helped with equipment purchases as needed.

Individual membership per year is $15, household membership is $25, and a business membership is $50 per year.   A lifetime membership is also available for $300.

For a membership form, please see this link.