Trail Conditions

February 28: About 3″ of snow has fallen on the trail today bringing the total to about 6″ of new snow  since Sunday.  The trail will be groomed tomorrow. Conditions should be good for the River View Loppet ski race on Saturday, March 4.

February 26, 2017: Luckily, most of our ski trail base held up under the high temperatures experienced last week. Since the Big Meltdown, we have  now gotten 2-3″ of new snow.  There are occasional places along the trail where large white pines overhang the trail and keep the snow from getting down to the trail. These areas are the places where snow is thinnest. So, come and ski, but beware of some rough spots and use your older skis just in case.

February 18, 2017:  The trail held up well to yesterday’s mid 50’s temperatures, then froze overnight. I classic skied today between 9 AM and 10 AM with klister and it worked well. The classic tracks were still well formed, but fast due to the ice crusted snow. The skate lane is a bit irregular from skiers cutting up the snow while skiing in yesterday’s warm conditions, but overall the trail is good. You will want to show care on the downhills as you pick up speed in a hurry.

February 11, 2017: After about 5″ of new snow on Tuesday, trail conditions are excellent for both skate and classic skiing.

January 27, 2017: Finally got out to skate the trail today. Skating is fun and fast. The groomed crusty snow gives good easy control with lots of speed. Classic tracks are not good. There is about a quarter inch of snow in the tracks, but they haven’t been redone since last weeks meltdown due to the hard nature of the base. Watch out in the parking lot. It is very icy.

January 26, 2017. Cooler temperatures have caused the trail to form a hard crunchy surface. The classic tracks have flattened out due to all of the melting conditions we’ve experienced over the last two weeks.  The trail was groomed yesterday evening for skating. Expect a hard firm base with light snow on the surface to give skaters control while skating. We’ll have to wait for fresh snow to get classic tracks again.

January 22, 2017:  Temperatures have remained above freezing now for two days with rain and fog. That was preceded by record high temperatures.  Though the ski trail is still well covered in snow, the wet conditions are not good for skiing. Later this week, the weather is due to change to cooler temps and snow is expected. So, by Thursday, we should be able to again groom and ski on the trails.

January 15, 2017:  After 5-6 inches of new snow fell last week, we have very good skate conditions and excellent classic conditions on the ski trail.  So, its a great time to enjoy the trail. The Brule River is only partially frozen so, you’ll hear the rushing waters as you ski the river trail.

January 6, 2017: About an inch of lake effect snow fell on the trail Thursday. This small amount  of snow should improve conditions for classical skiers as the tracks were somewhat  icy or crusty from cutting the tracks out of the crusty snow that fell on Christmas.

January 3, 2017: The trail was groomed today for skate and classic skiing.  Skate skiing is very good with a flat firm base. The mix of  icy snow and recent snow will make the conditions fast with good control.

Classic ski tracks were added today and it was difficult to get in good tracks due to the hard icy, crusty snow that had to be cut to form the tracks.  I put on soft wax today to get grip on the hills. Double poling in the flat areas was easy and fast. You may want to get one ski out of the tracks on the downhills to help maintain control around the corners because it is fast.

Dec. 28, 2016  Following the sleet and snow on Christmas, a thick crust formed on the ski trail.  Monday and again today we got some light snow of about a half inch. The new snow has adhered to the trail, and the crusty snow leveled and firmed up the base. So skate conditions are now ‘good’.

Classic skiing is still not good because no new classic tracks have been set.  You can of course ski in the new snow, but not with the usual tracks.

Dec. 24  Due to warm conditions, some new snow and no recent grooming, trail conditions are now only Fair’ for skating.  In some locations oak leaves are an issue in the classic tracks. Rain is forecast for Christmas along with sleet and 2-3 inches of snow.

December 18, 2016.  We had about 4″ of new snow Friday night into Saturday. The trail was groomed Saturday morning for both skate and classic.  I skied the trails for about an hour and a half yesterday.  The trail is much improved with the new snow and grooming. Some spots on the classic track is a bit thin, but overall skiing is good.

December 14, 2016: The trails are again open for skiing. All of the trails have been rolled however no classic tracks have been set due to the thin base conditions. The trail is soft because as of yet, there have only been a few skiers on the trail since this past weekend when the trail was initially packed. The trail has firmed up since the initial work last week, but expect slow skiing due to the current cold temperatures and the soft new snow.

November 26, 2016: About half a foot of snow fell on the trail this week.  Temperatures following the snowfall quickly rose to the low to mid-30’s and has stayed there. These temperatures are too warm for grooming effectively.  Temperatures this coming week are expected to reach into the 40’s, so it is likely that no grooming will be possible in the near future and the present snow cover should mostly disappear.


March 10, 2016: I skated today on about half the trails and found the trail a bit slow with temps around 36 degrees this morning. The skating was fun, but we are near the end of good skiing this season. Here and there the snow coverage on the trail is getting thin particularly under the large white pines where the snow has been thin all winter. Weather forecasts call for temps reaching into the 50’s this weekend and rain is expected later in the weekend, so I don’t expect to ski any more until next November or December unless there is a big change back to normal weather conditions.

February 28, 2016- We received about a half inch of new snow today. The trail was groomed in later afternoon for skating. I skated and really enjoyed the fast conditions with excellent glide and easy control. The classic tracks were set yesterday for the River View loppet and have the fresh snow in them, so the track is not icy despite the warm temps yesterday. The track was reset on River trail, but its shallow because of the hard base. You’ll do fine for the most part in the trails prepared over most of the trail system for the ski race.

February 23, 2016; Today we received about 2″ of new snow, quite heavy and thick that covered the trail. It came after lunch today and hasn’t been groomed yet. But the new snow should help to make conditions near perfect for the River View Loppet on Saturday.

February 22, 2016 The trail was groomed today for skating and the trail condition is excellent. The classic track was only partially re-groomed today. We received some light snow last night. I skied the classic track with no-wax skis and had reasonable grip and glide was fast. More snow is expected tomorrow. The trail will be completely re-groomed on Friday night for Saturday’s River View Loppet. I would expect fast and excellent conditions on the transformed corn snow.

February 3, 2016: After receiving 3 to 4″ of new snow overnight, the trail has been groomed for skating and classic skiing.  The skate lane is excellent.  The classic tracks are very good and have just a bit of icy snow mixed in from the week end thaw.

January 26, 2016 New snow yesterday and today; a couple of inches yesterday and another couple inches overnight. The snow is light and fluffy, and the sun is just starting to come out. Should be a great day of skiing, but it will take a few hours to get the new snow groomed. Expect great conditions later in the day for skiing.

January 17, 2016-New snow, about an inch or so every day this week has helped level the trail base and provide good conditions for skiing, but it has also been very cold for the last several days with temps below zero at noon.

January 10, 2016-The After Hours Trail was groomed yesterday morning for classic and skate skiing. We received perhaps 3″ of new snow this week. With the new snow, the skate lane has been smoothed out and is very good. The classic skiing still has occasional locations under the pines where the needles or grass show up due to the low snow conditions there. Overall, skiing is ‘good’ and you should enjoy the conditions.