More improvements to the new warming house

We are still in the process of finishing the work on the new warming house that we opened last winter. In the last two weeks, we ordered rustic tables and benches. ┬áThe new furniture is being built by the Northwestern High School students as part of their ‘Tiger Industries’ program. Poplar Building Center helped with provision of supplies for the new furniture. We expect to see that in place by the end of December.

We have also ordered ‘carpet tiles’ for the floor. We hope to have a warmer environment with the cement covered over and we also expect to quiet the ‘echo’ effect that now rings through the nearly empty structure. With furniture and carpet, hopefully in place by the end of the year, we will be closer to full-filling our plan to complete the new trail base.

The Brule Valley Ski club is paying for these projects with the generous support offered by our club membership. Please come and join us.